Full of articles and items regarding Sherlock Holmes.  Included are looks at Dr. Bell, the man who was the inspiration for Holmes, the world of Sherlock Holmes in the Victorian Age, maps of areas including the Baker Street rooms, the chronological listing of all the Holmes stories, trivia, a look at Doyle's belief in spiritualism, all new stories, an on-going serial of The Loch Ness Horror and much, much more!

A number of different Holmes stories where he met some of the most fascinating characters of the Victorian Age...including Dracula, Invisible Man, Phantom of the Opera, Jekyll and Hyde, plus some of the classic Conan Doyle stories presented in illustrated form.  Featuring some of the more established Holmesian writers and artists, known for their work on the Great Detective!

Below are the Sherlock Holmes titles  AVAILABLE in digital format


Sherlock Holmes Reader #1

This first issue features a Sherlock Holmes Primer, maxims of Holmes, quotes from Holmes, a map of 221-B Baker Street, the unchronicled cases, two illustrated stories, and much more! Cover by fan favorite, Michael Gaydos.



Sherlock Holmes Reader #2

This issue takes a look at the man who was the inspiration for Sherlock Holmes, a comic story by Gary Reed and Wayne Reid, an in-depth look at Dr. Watson, a list of some of the non-Arthur Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes stories and much, much more. Cover by fan favorite, Michael Gaydos.


Sherlock Holmes Reader #3

Revealing, the infamous Dr. Bell, the favorite Holmes stories of all time, an article on Doyle and Spiritualism, the two most famous Holmes’ portrayers, Jeremy Brett and Basil Rathbone, and The Field Bazaar, a short tale of Holmes by Doyle not included in most of the collections. More included plus a cover by Wayne Reid.




Sherlock Holmes Reader #4

Two classic pastiches (tales of Holmes by others than Doyle), a look at Sherlock Holmes in the comics, a journey in the future to examine the cartoon series of Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century, and more articles, quizzes, and other features on the World’s Greatest Detective. Cover by Wayne Reid.


               Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Holmes

Sherlock Holmes comes in to discover the terrible secret that the noted physician, Dr. Jekyll is hiding. During his investigation, Holmes discovers the unbelievable saga of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, two personas inhabiting the same body.  Watson and Holmes must deal with the terrible dilemma that faces their long time friend. Written by Steven Jones and illustrated by Seppo Makinen.


Dr. Watson, after the recent death of his first wife, is asked to call in Homes to investigate a mysterious "ghost" who haunts a French opera house. Holmes, who declares that there is no such thing as ghosts and that everything has a logical foundation, accepts the challenge and discovers the opera house is indeed haunted, but not by a ghost but rather a figure known as The Phantom of the Opera!  Written by Steven Jones and illustrated by Aldin Baroza. Cover by Guy Davis.


Sherlock Holmes meets The Phantom of the Opera...a meeting that just had to happen!  In this second issue of the two part series, Holmes knows that sometimes he must accept the improbable to explain the seemingly impossible as he deals with a "ghost" haunting and terrorizing the great Opera House. Dr. Watson takes an active role in helping the great detective. Written by Steven Jones and illustrated by Aldin Baroza. Cover by Guy Davis.
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